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2017. 08. 21
2013. 06. 12

Dr. Brian Marks, Director of Keyboard Studies at Baylor University, wrote in a 2013 letter as follows:
“ Thank you for your wonderful recital and very educational master class that you gave for our piano students. Your entire recital was very gratifying, and I was particularly impressed with (and enjoyed hearing) your colorful, imaginative, and technically impressive interpretation of the selections form Messiaen’s Vingt Regards. I think our students greatly benefited from your master class. I spoke with several students as well as some of my colleagues afterwards and received very positive reviews. I was personally impressed with your ability to effectively address issues of rhythmic proportion and structure with several of the student performers. We know that those can be very abstract and difficult to address concepts. I wish the very best for your future professional endeavors…”

Dr. James March, Professor of Piano at Morningside College, addressed our Departmental Chair in 2012 as follows:
“ I would like to take this opportunity to tell you what a magnificent performance it was. Her program was a demanding one, and she convincingly delivered all the technical and musical challenges with absolute ease and naturalness. Her performance of the Liszt Ballade No. 2 was the best I have ever heard; bravura and elegance balanced to perfection. She also gave a master class for my piano students the following day. She proved herself to be a very insightful and effective teacher and was certainly more than generous with her time. My students benefitted greatly from her expertise. Over the years I have engaged many guest artists to perform on our campus. All of them have been very fine pianists, but Dr. Cho’s artistry truly stands out as exceptional. You are extremely fortunate to have such an engaging ambassador, both professionally and personally, working for your institution...”

An 2012 letter written by Dr. Rosetta Dingle, Music Program Coordinator of South Carolina State University states: 
“ Thank you for the artistic musical performance you rendered…Your presentation embodied the essence of hard work, good practice habits, fine musicianship, and interpretative skills, humility, and joy of making beautiful music. Such embodiment is what we aim for our students to possess, and so we simply say ‘thank you.’  Please know that faculty, students, and community persons are still raving about your performances…We look forward to having your grace the SC State University stage again in the future.”

Virginia Waring, President Emeritus of the Virginia Waring International Piano Competition, wrote in a 2012 letter as follows:
“ She wowed the audiences with her sensitive and   technically superb performances during the competition. Since then, we have invited her to Palm Springs to perform several concerts and music outreach events. Young-Hyun is an exceptionally talented artist at the pinnacle of her field…so many have learned so much from her exceptional talents, and as such, she is a key component in the movement to educate American minds about the beauty and importance of classical music…she will bring a tremendous musical expertise to enhance the classical music industry…”

Dr. Charles Monell, the Chair of Rancho Mirage Public Library Commission and Foundation and Parliamentarian of the Virginia Waring International Piano Competition, has written the following in 2012:
“ A great round of applause and our deepest thanks for your excellent program…Your choice of program was perfect for our many knowledgeable lovers of fine piano music. There was just the right balance with both melody and technical virtuosity to please our audience…many attendees have told me how much they enjoyed your program with hopes that you would return at some future time for a repeat performance…We look forward to seeing you again…”

Susan Poelchau, the Chair of the Mu Phi Epsilon Concert Series Dallas Alumni Chapter, has written the following in a 2012 letter:
“ Thank you for your outstanding program on our Concert Series. Not only were we appreciative that you could spring in on short notice, we, and the rest of the audience, were absolutely swept away by your performance! Your maturity of concept, as well as technical mastery of these very difficult works, was so complete that we were able to concentrate fully on the musical values being conveyed. The standing ovation, the first I have experienced as Chair of the Series, was well deserved! We hope that you will be able to perform on the Series in the future…”

Dr. Carol Leone, Co-chair of the Department of Keyboard Studies of Southern Methodist University, wrote in
a 2012 letter as follows:
“ Thank you for the splendid program you have in Caruth Auditorium. Hearing a live performance of these exquisite works by Messiaen was a rare treat. Your virtuosity and thorough control of sound and color was a true model for the students, and your remarks at the beginning of the program were wonderfully presented and effective. The students are very much looking forward to your subsequent visit to campus to learn more about Vingt Regards!...”

Dr. David Forbat, Chair of the Keyboard Division of University of Central Oklahoma wrote in a 2012 letter:
“ It was our pleasure to welcome you to the UCO campus. Your piano recital was a pleasure to hear.
The Beethoven and Brahms were wonderfully played and I know many of our students and faculty were especially delighted to hear the Messiaen selections from Vingt Regards played live…Furthermore, we appreciate the level of technical and musical detail you exacted from our students during your master class…Look forward to the next time our paths cross.”

Dr Ruth Morrow, Chair of Department of Music at Midwestern State University, wrote in a 2009 letter:
“ It was a treat to have you on our campus for your recital and master class. I have heard high praise from students faculty alike for both events. We all thank you for taking the time not only to come share you obvious talents with us but also for the many hours and years of diligent work it takes to reach such a level of artistry...”

Dr. Shun-Lin Chou, Director of Keyboard Studies at California State University at Long Beach, wrote in a 2010 letter:
“ It was a great pleasure meeting you through your wonderful artistry as a performing artist and master teacher. I continued to hear raves about your performance and master class, and I know I speak for my colleagues and students when I say that your performance and teaching was absolutely amazing.
I very much appreciate your insightful comments at the master class and also through students with whom you worked during your residency.  We are indeed so fortunate that you were willing to share your talent with the musical community here in Long Beach, and we look forward to the possibility of having you back again in the future.”